Dear Mr Charles Onyango-Obbo,

Chronicles of a Third World Elite

Concerns: your article titled “Why Burundi needs a sex scandal to be noticed” published on, on the 24th of June 2013

Allow me to begin by thanking you for being so concerned with Burundi’s image within the EAC. I appreciate your desire to see my homeland get just as much (positive, I hope) exposure as the rest of the partner states.

Second, allow me to thank the good Lord whom I believe had seen your article before you let it out into the wild and allowed the famous American rapper Rick Ross to tweet that he had just landed into “the beautiful country of Africa”, so that I may use this incident to make a few points with regards to your article.

You see, one should not assume that the mister’s uninformed remark was due to a lack of a good marketing campaign to promote Africa…

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One thought on “Dear Mr Charles Onyango-Obbo,

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