A baby here, a baby there/ Les bébés du monde

Photo by/par Rosalie Colfs

Ruby Pratka - Year of No Fear


Yesterday the Duchess of Cambridge went into labour and the world held its breath. The same day, approximately 210,000 other mothers gave birth, on six different continents, in sparkling clean hospitals, in little dark houses and even in open fields.

The same day, Burundi’s ambassador to the UN was giving a speech during a General Assembly session. While he acknowledged that the country has made significant strides on most fronts since the end of the war in 2005, he said, “The poverty in this country has become so blatant that ‘to live’ has become a synonym for ‘not to die’.”

It’s safe to say that this little newborn British boy, whose birth lit up the CN Tower and Niagara Falls in blue, won’t want for anything in his childhood–EXCEPT, I grant, for privacy, and that’s a pretty big except, but I digress. This little boy, elevated by…

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