Be cool, stay in school (or at least, help others stay in school)

Ruby Pratka - Year of No Fear

Over the past couple of years, I’ve blogged a lot in this space over the problems surrounding primary and secondary education in Burundi. Education is only free and compulsory until Grade 6, and even before that, students and their families must provide their own school supplies (notebooks, pens, etc) and many students are forced to drop out, temporarily or permanently, if they can’t buy school supplies. Students who lose financial support (through the death of a parent, the loss of a parent’s job or other family problems) often have to end their studies in Grade 6 or even earlier, almost certainly condemning them to a life of poverty as difficult or worse than their parents’ lives.

I’m transmitting this appeal from a very good friend of mine who almost had to drop out of school herself, and is now spending her free time trying to keep younger kids in school…

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