In exactly three days, “This Burundian Life” (TBL) will be exactly 3 months old – we know we could have waited till then to send this message out, but we kind of grew impatient… apologies for any inconvenience caused… if any. So on the 26th of September, this little project will be 40 articles and 15 contributors rich, and 256 follows and 12,000 visits popular. We’d say we’ve done pretty well… haven’t we?

We really don’t know how we would have managed without you though because, let’s face it; if you hadn’t read and appreciated (both positively and negatively) our articles, we wouldn’t have been encouraged to write more (okay this probably isn’t true for some of us who are pretty stubborn i.e. we sometimes just write without caring whether people like it or not. Hah! Anyway that’s not the point). We kept on writing thanks to your feedback… and the more we wrote, the more you read, the more you told your friends about us… and now we’re here saying thank you! Thank you for reading us; thank you for the likes; thank you for the shares; and thank you for the encouragements. We know this sounds cliché but we wouldn’t have made it without you. For reals!

About 3 months ago an idea was born to create a platform to unite Burundian bloggers (not that there were any divisions between us). The goal was to bring our unique and different stories together to show the World another face of Burundi. A face of life, hope, courage, humour, innovation… a face of willingness to make it, despite the challenges that we face on a daily basis, in and out of Burundi. And by “the World” we also mean fellow Burundians who are often cheated by the media into believing that there is nothing good that can come out of Burundi. There are a lot of good things; amongst them, us! 😀

TBL was also created to encourage you to step into the “scary” world of writing… and blogging. Most of us already had our own blogs when TBL was launched, but others were still “thinking about” taking the “risk” to publicly attach their names to opinions and ideas (sometimes not a good idea around here). So the platform came as an opportunity of expression (sometimes anonymously) without the burden of having to carry a whole blog. We think it’s funny that some of our most popular articles were written by people that had never posted anything before and we’re proud of that achievement. We’re proud of you who made it possible.

This was really just meant to be a thank you note but we feel like it wouldn’t hurt to throw in an invitation to join us. An invitation to share your story! We know you’ve got at least one (if not many) to tell; and nobody can talk about life in Burundi (or as a Burundian) from your perspective better than you do. TBL is like a mosaic of perspectives; we would love to add yours to the collection. We bet our readers would love it to… wait, you are our readers… So how would you feel about sharing your story with the hundreds of other people who follow us? It is major fun we promise!

We’re waiting to hear from you! Thanks a bunch!

On behalf of the whole TBL crew,
Karl-Chris R Nsabiyumva

P.S. We dedicate to you the beautiful sunset witnessed from Burundi’s highest peak, Mount Heha. Photo by Arnaud Gwaga Mugisha.

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