Submit a story!

Hey readers and future contributors!

First of all thanks for coming by! It means a lot if you’re reading this: we assume you’ve enjoyed the blog and would like to join the adventure? Thanks again and welcome!

We’re glad to let you know that we’ve made it possible for you to submit your texts easily, and anonymously if you wish. All you have to do is copy and paste your text in the box below and click submit. If you don’t mind readers knowing you’re the author, tell us your name and e-mail address in the boxes indicated [or simply send your text to our e-mail as an attachment, especially if it has images in it]. Otherwise you can create an alias for yourself and leave the e-mail box empty. Your story will reach us anyway.

However, note that we will not be able to contact authors of anonymous articles,meaning that they will be edited and published without the approval of any eventual changes by the author. We also reserve the right to approve or disapprove the publication of articles that do not meet our standards.

Voilà! Keep them stories coming! This Burundian Life is by and for anybody out there who has anything to say about life in Burundi… and readers are loving it! 🙂


P.S. Stories can be in Kirundi, English, French, Swahili or a mix of all four languages if you like 🙂

3 thoughts on “Submit a story!

  1. Ndi umurundi. Menye iyi site hageze kuko amakuru nahora nsoma yari ayanca umutima gusa. ariko ni Ikinyamakuru iwacu cayimenyesheje kuko arico nsoma cane. Ndabashimiye cane kudukuru twiza, dutwenza dutuma twiyumva, tukanadukumbuza i wacu kubari kure. Murakoze cane. Nosaba nimba bibakundira ko mwokwandika ibinyamakuru mugurisha ku mpapuro kugirango uraruka ruri mugihugi ruronke aho reruhukiriza umutwe kuko ivyu turonka ni politike gusa. Kumbure mwari mufise imigambi ariko ni iciyumviro ndabahaye mugihe mwoba mutari bawavyiyumvire.

    Mukomere, mutere imbere mugire n’imigisha.

    Donatien, tunis.


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